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Mordekia  by MorganHowell
one of my all time favorite characters I've ever come up with :) i used to constantly draw him when i was young and now i feel i can finally do him justice! so happy :D
Sebastian by MorganHowell
never been botherd to draw this guy till now :) he came out very different to how i first imagined him, but i think i really captured his character with this design :)
Spyder by MorganHowell
another repaint of an old character :) this one turned out really good i think i feel like Ive been able to finally do the idea justice!

Apex the demon shogun was trained in secret as an adopted member of the Arractus clan. Planning to wield Apex as a weapon against the clans  they contend with for dominance of Dead Forest. Apex was to be the Arractus clans ace in the hole, he was to act as a general to his adopted brethren and lead them in combat. Ambitious and power hungry Apex desired to be more than his clans champion of the battlefield, fighting a war over something as trivial to him as land. Apex desired to lead his clan rather than simply fight for them. However the Arractus being a noble and purist bloodline had no desire of allowing themselves to be led by a mere demon "attack dog" Upon learning of his ambitions the clan attempted to have Apex assassinated. This futile attempt ended in the slaying of five of the the clans most powerful warriors. this ignited a rage within Apex he unleashed upon his former brethren. With his vast knowledge of his clans tactics and their fighting techniques he wiped the entire bloodline off the face of the continent of Terra an achievement the many secret clans hidden within dead forest had attempted for hundreds of years. hearing of this the iron empire approached Apex with the opportunity to lead their armies in the conquest of Terra, he accepted without hesitation.

Apex's terrific strength coupled with his swordsmanship makes him a fierce opponent to any of Terra s many powerful demons. Staying true to the teachings of the Arractus clan Apex fights with pride, fighting for complete physical dominance of his opponent through sheer brute force. the deliberate decisiveness of Apexes combat style makes him easy to predict but his shear speed and power compensate for any obviousness in his movements. The most feared and infamous aspect of a shogun warrior is not his speed and power fearsome though they may be, it is in fact his colossal evisceration blade. the evisceration blade is said to be a purest weapon in that it may only be wielded using a certain style to be effective in combat. the immense size and weight of the blade require not just strength to wield but near perfect balance and control to make simple sword strokes. But when wielded by a master such as Apex a weapon such as this is but a feather. The evisceration blade is a precise and deadly weapon when swung by apex it can slice a fully armored Mecha Tank clean in half.

Apex believes himself to be the ultimate predator ,the apex predator. Working as a contractor simply because he is able to hunt and kill other demons and in doing so fulfills what he see as his ultimate purpose in life. Apex believes that he is the endgame of natural selection thus the most dangerous and powerful fighter on the planet, destined to ascend beyond any demon before him. believing in bestowed strength and natural limits apex pities and holds contempt towards those who train and behave outside of their natural design, thinking this to be counter intuitive and futile.


morgan george howell
my name is Morgan Howell, i love movies, comics, animie, manga in all formats that includes action drama scifi romance horror fantasy and from these mediums i draw my inspiration for my art.

i want to be competent in all forms of art but my real passion is creating and developing characters weather it be through sketches, portraits or through sculpture and i hope that people who share that same passion for this type of art may want to employ me for commissioned work

Favourite genre of music: all of it
Favourite style of art: everything
Favourite cartoon character: kisame hoshigaki
so happy to be done with school! well TAFE that is. now that i no longer have a curriculum to adhere to Im excited to have more time to dedicate to commissions as well as my own personal projects, not that i get heaps of commissions in the first place but Im hoping to change that by being a more proactive and social member of this site. Of course the main priority is really to build and improve on what i already know as an artist so Im going to have to really challenge myself and hopefully if your reading this and are interested in commissioning me you have a challenging idea i could help you to conceptualise. But if your only reading this because you watch me and you were curious than Im equally grateful and i ask that you remain curious of me as I hope to satisfy that curiosity whilst leaving you wanting more with my next piece, whatever that ends up being :)

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