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Hanani by MorganHowell
finally finished this rendition of Spacefriend-t's character he and i arranged a character swap a while back and after a lot of trial and error i think i was able to capture some of her power and beauty... maybe ;)
King by MorganHowell
Newest original character :) had a heap of fun with this one trying to really push my ideas with this one, make something unique :) let me know what you think!


race-lesser demon

King is a lesser demon meaning he has no extraordinary  or super human abilities besides his unrivaled physical strength. king puts this strength to use as a freelance mercenary taking on jobs as part of the Beta squad a small four man group of oddballs who have earned  their infamy across Terra by bungling as many jobs as they succeed in. it is for this reason they are more or less a laughing stock and cannot take on high paying work or ask for a fair cut from a job. one way or another king and the b team fins a way to make ends meet in the course of their many adventures.

Kings fighting style is based on power and and animistic fury he is at heart a brawler using his great fists to wreak havoc on anything around him. He has great enthusiasm for fist fighting, although kings strength is above normal levels even for a demon, he has been known to punch through most types of Armour plating and even tearing mecha tanks and stalker drones to pieces. his animal nature can often be his downfall as he has trouble following orders or thinking strategically and will be outsmarted most of the time even by much weaker opponents. King can be prone to feral rages as well, these usually end in the complete destruction of everything around him but his friends are always able to snap him out of it if they need to

Negative qualities aside king has an upbeat happy go lucky attitude and values friendship highly, he is the clown of the beta squad and will do almost anything to put a smile on the faces of his teammates. he might not be reliable when it comes to sticking to a plan but he will often put his life and body on the line to help his comrades in the thick of battle.
Artimes oc jam by MorganHowell
Artimes oc jam
thought id take a crack at the latest scratch jam!
Nidoking by MorganHowell
love Nidoking, always have i think he stands out for me as one of the better Pokemon designs. Sorta rushed this one but it still feels great to be drawing Pokemon again :) gonna have to do another one soon :)
honeycomb by MorganHowell
redesigned an older character, really tried to revamp the design a bit whilst keeping the characters original properties intact, might write his boi if anyone might be interested :)


morgan george howell
my name is Morgan Howell, i love movies, comics, animie, manga in all formats that includes action drama scifi romance horror fantasy and from these mediums i draw my inspiration for my art.

i want to be competent in all forms of art but my real passion is creating and developing characters weather it be through sketches, portraits or through sculpture and i hope that people who share that same passion for this type of art may want to employ me for commissioned work

Favourite genre of music: all of it
Favourite style of art: everything
Favourite cartoon character: kisame hoshigaki
so happy to be done with school! well TAFE that is. now that i no longer have a curriculum to adhere to Im excited to have more time to dedicate to commissions as well as my own personal projects, not that i get heaps of commissions in the first place but Im hoping to change that by being a more proactive and social member of this site. Of course the main priority is really to build and improve on what i already know as an artist so Im going to have to really challenge myself and hopefully if your reading this and are interested in commissioning me you have a challenging idea i could help you to conceptualise. But if your only reading this because you watch me and you were curious than Im equally grateful and i ask that you remain curious of me as I hope to satisfy that curiosity whilst leaving you wanting more with my next piece, whatever that ends up being :)

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thanks man :) more is on the way!
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